A fun part of the end-of-year festivities was always to read the “best of” lists and learn what greatness one had missed. Resident Advisor and other electronic music outlets stopped to release storted lists because, as they say, they cannot bring the tracks in a definite order. But that is exactly what I expect from music critiques - guidance and opinion in times of abundance. So I created my own completely subjective top 10 of 2018.

10. Against All Logic - Now U Got Me Hooked

That podcast was something else — enigmatically called Against All Logic #279, it never failed to propell me forward and calm me down into a flow state. “Against All Logic“, it turned out, is the club alias of Nicolas Jaar under which he recently released an album called “2012-2017”. The songs are mix-downs of live versions Jaar played over time. “Now U Got Me Hooked” is luckily part of that album.

9. Kettenkarussell - Maybe

It had to be an Youtube underground hit. First, the algorithms pushed it into my playlists, later I voluntarily returned on my own. At the time of writing, the track has already more than 3 million plays, quite a number for a channel for „lofi house“ aficionados. But the channel belongs to “Slav“, who also featured “DJ Boring - Winona“, and the record itself is signed by the notorious “Giegling“ label.

8. DJ Koze - Pick Up

I am a simple man. When I hear a groove that never resolves and tickles that sweet sweet French house nerve like “Music Sounds Better With You“ or “One More Time“, I hit buy, no question. Even more so when this is so crackingly produced by one of the Master’s himself - DJ Koze. The video is a hilarious gem too.

7. DJ Existential Crisis - Raised By Wolves

A basement full of smoke and flashing lights. The soundsystem banging. People cheering. DJ Existential Crisis is another alias of master producer Paul Woolford / Special Request. No wonder. I got hooked by that baseline at first listen. After all we’ve been through.

6. DJRum - Blue Violet

Djrum’s tracks are complex, fast, physical, yet often full of strangely attracting tenderness. Blue Violet is no exception. I adore the level of detail in all his productions.

5. Breach - Turtle Dance

A perfect combination of playfulness and “out there.“ My favorite moment is around the 4 minute mark - would fit perfectly to an outdoor festival, late-night, Croatian coast.

4. Bicep - Opal (Four Tet Remix)

Love the album, love the remix. The combination of groove and feels has made this a go to track for me during the whole year. The strings in the beginning started to be comfort zone. Really hard to get this in electronic music.

3. Skee Mask - Flyby Vfr

Drums like Floating Points. Insane breaks. And the feels. Nothing to add here.

2. Overmono - Daisy Chain

“Bass music” is seldomly gentle, but this track, albeit quite rough and low, has such a sweet melancholy to it. Favorite moment: Past minute 5, when the clicks collaps and the heaviness of the beat sets in again. Tessela’s characteristic vocal chops are the icing on the cake.

1. Aleksandir - Yamaha

Here too, the Youtube algorithm had flooded the track into my feeds. And boy was I happy. I didn’t know Aleksandir, nor the label Tessellate before, but this track has every right to >3 million clicks by now. The synth progression and the crispness of the production made this my favorite of 2018. A track whose rightful success is the perfect embodiment of the potential of our times.